Alil Post offers reasonable rates with the best combination of price and service quality.

The price of courier package delivery is calculated based on the region where the recipient is located, the dimensions and weight of the cargo. In addition, the price of sending a package depends on the method of transportation (sea or air service).

The tariff you choose (Express or Standard) also affects the cost, as well as the speed of delivery. It is worth noting that the express delivery service from Israel offers you optimal prices in comparison with competitors in the country's transport and logistics services market. Remember: the contents of your cargo do not affect the shipping cost.

Parcel delivery price can be calculated automatically. For this you have to use a special form for calculating the cost of departure. The online calculator allows you to count how much it will cost you to deliver your goods to the CIS countries quickly and in advance.

To do this, select the country of departure and destination, then indicate the name, contact details, weight of the cargo. If the package is fragile, tick a special box. That way we will know that your cargo requires additional packaging and protection during transportation.

If you have any questions, feel free to text us via online chat or call using phone numbers indicated on the website.

You get low prices and high quality of package sending only in Alil Post!