About us

Alil Post is an international package courier delivery service whose main task is to minimize the distance between people! The Alil Post team is not only constantly working to reduce the delivery time of documents and goods, but also tries to simplify the process of sending and receiving them.

We provide a consistently high quality service and always carry out transport obligations delegated. The company has established standards of work quality. We apply them on each stage of cooperation with customers. That is why our package delivery service has already found thousands of regular customers!

Alil Post is a team of professionals in logistics who strive to do their job accordingly. We use a strict approach when it comes to partnership and hiring staff, we always teach beginners in our team the principles of corporate ethics.

Our goal is to create optimal conditions for delivery of goods in the ratio of price and quality for all senders and recipients in each of the countries which we work in.

In addition, we have an established network for receiving parcels, which covers the entire territory of Israel, as well as an organized network for delivery in all recipient countries. That is why Alil Post organized an express delivery service. If you want to deliver cargo in no time, we are at your service!

Alil Post Principles

Throughout many years of work our package delivery company strictly adheres to the following principles:

  • Compliance with ethical norms;
  • Compliance with all laws of Israel and the recipient countries;
  • Actions under antitrust law;
  • Providing only reliable information about the company;
  • Healthy competition: we do not write untrue reviews that could compromise our competitors.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us in the most convenient way for you.